Azula, Heir Apparent of the Thousand Islands
Theme Song: "Cheryl Tweedy" & "The World is not Enough

Picture Of: Deepika Padukone
Archtype: "Supervillain with Irrational Weakness for the Main Character"1, "The Bitch is Crazy and has to be Put Down!"
Class: Warrior Mage
Spell Realm: Unknown, Most likely Essence

Heir Apparent to the Thousand Islands

  • Azula is the princess of the Thousand Islands, daughter of Fire Lord Ozai and Princess Ursa.
  • Azula has always resented the fact that her parents both favor Zuko above all else. None of her accomplishments mattered in their eye. This plus the fact she was raised in a motherless environment made her even more vicious.
  • A Warrior Mage prodigy and a perfectionist. Azula is sadistic, manipulative and obsessed with power. Her ambition combined with her Tactical genius makes her a world class problem.
  • Zuko's ruthless sister, Heir Apparent of the Thousand Islands
  • Haunter of Zuko's Dreams, causing Zuko to wake up screaming "Azula always lies!"
  • The product of "25 generations of exceptional warrior mages"
  • [Session 09] According to Alyssandra, Azula have already left the Academy and did not join the Opening Ceremony Ball.


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