Theme Song: "I'm Too Sexy

There does not exist a singular picture that embodies Destiny. Instead she is a combination of the best qualities of all the pictures below

Archtype: Supermodel1, "The 1%"
Profession: Paladin/Cleric
Realm of Power: Channeling (From The Lesser God of Protection and Guardianship, Helm)

Destiny is Pebb's God-Horse and a Chosen of Helm, the Lesser God of Protection and Guardianship

  • The breathtakingly beautiful silver mare towers over all other horses. She was "given" to Pebb via the hands of Evelyn on his 12th birthday - on the same day he decided to leave Ravenshire to see the world.
    • Now that player know more about Destiny, it seems less and less likely that Destiny can be "given" by anyone.
  • Preternaturally intelligent – has concept of architecture, can do creative problem solving, knows at least basic mathematics, and can read and write high realm as well.
  • Chosen of the Intermediate God “Helm”: God of guardians, protectors and protection.
  • Channeling User (Paladin/Cleric)
  • Pebb is a constant source of frustration for her. It is unknown if this annoyance is caused by Pebb's being her rider, for one would not dare say "master" in regards to Destiny, his actions reflect upon her? Or if she is simply irritated at anyone who suffers being treated thus by inferior beings.
  • Destiny doesn't just walk, she "prances" with supermodel flair.
  • [Session 02] Destiny evidently has problem solving abilities and the intelligence to realize cause and effect. She didn’t kick down a wall because she understands it will cause a cave in.
  • [Session 03] Destiny is severely irked by Pebb's tolerance of Tabitha. She might very well physically assult her if Pebb allowed it.
  • [Session 05] Destiny hates to lose. She even used Haste Spell to win the race against Zuko's Horse, "Fate". The end result is that Zuko and Fate were both trapped in the Sunken Atlantean Nexus. Fortunately they were rescued when Pebb confronted the Intelligence of the Nexus before destroying the Source Chaos at the heart of the corrupted complex.
  • [Session 05.5] Destiny is shown to be able to attune to magical items, as she kept Pebb company during the underwater cleaning by using the same underwater cloak the cleaning crew used. Shocking Zuko once more with her intelligence.
  • [Session 06] Destiny is fully sentient
  • [Session 06<>07] GM have painted a rather frightening picture of chaos that Destiny can cause should Pebb mishandle his secret agent adventure.
  • [Session 08] Destiny was kept in the Dark in the 2 days Pebb was unconscious. Upon its discovery she didn't explode in her usual violent manner but instead only mildly reproached Pebb with a gentle sweep of her lustrious tail. This demure reaction is quite uncharacteristic of her, but Pebb is determined not to look a gift horse in the mouth.
  • [Session 09] Destiny have been re-classified by the GM from Minor God to Demi-God.
  • [Session 09] Catering to Destiny's vanity, Mako said she is too powerful for a normal Pothos Crystal to transport and had to create a new more potent version for her. Destiny gladly accepted Mako's delays and waited for her Pothos Diamond. The crystal is yet unfinished at the end of Session 09 and thus she missed the opportunity to smite the demons personally.

Known Spells


  • Lofty Movements (Open Channeling, SL 40) [Upto her Level]: Gained via Destiny's Magnificent Treads
  • Creations (Closed Channeling, SL 46) [Upto her Level]: Gained via Destiny's Magnificent Treads

Notable Items

Destiny's Magnificent Treads

These "Slippers" are made of white Eog. Normally Mako would find it ridiculous to waste such rare material to buffer the hooves of a beast of burden, but Destiny is no ordinary horse - and these Horseshoes are similarily gradiouse.

These slippers are more like human slipper than ordinary horseshoe. These "shoes" elegantly sheaths destiny's entire hoof. The woven patterns are intricate and their workmanship masterful. A holy symbol of Helm carved from white adamant is set on the front of each slipper and serves as the foci of the breathtaking filigree. The pure inner light common to all adamant jewels leaves intricate motion trails as Destiny moves.

[Session 06] These "shoes" were delivered along with Zuko's gear

  • +5 to Appearance Bonus
  • Grants Destiny access to Lofty Movements & Creations to her level
  • Her hooves now strike as +40 Battle Hammer that treats all materials less than Magical +20 as AT 1.
  • In addition to any normal critical Destiny's hooves now also inflict an additional Crushing and Mangling critical of equal severity.

Destiny's Potho's Crystal

Destiny's Potho's Crystal is a flawless diamond crest worn over her chest

[Session 08] Will be finished when Pebb head to Capital
[Session 10] Will be finished when Session 10 Starts

See item:pothoscrystals for description of powers


  • None
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