Emily the "Silent"
Theme Song: "Every Breath You Take"

Picture Of:
Archtype: "Childhood Bride Promise1"
Profession: True Assassin (Nightblade)
Realm of Power: Mentalism

Universally considered to be Pebb's everwatchful shadow, Emily is the epitaph of a proper woman.

She is calm, collected, and with a demure grace of a queen. A strong sense of family is hidden in her haughty eyes which most will never see since she considers so few worthy of her affection, attention, and maternal care.

  • Emily and Evelyn Skylark are best friends, united in their purpose in protecting Pebb
    • It is unknown what impact Emily's giving Vai Jai extract to Pebb have made on their friendship
    • Pebb have tried to prevent any rift from happening
  • Emily has the background option that makes people overlook her because she mystically ordinary
    • Often she would be standing in plain sight and people would act as if she was invisible
  • Spooks Zuko on a regular basis - unclear if this is just coincidence or if she is actively trying
  • GM has mentioned on many occasions, mostly joking, that Emily is a Pebb molester
    • With Andromeda also being a Pebb Molester she has now became Emily's direct rival
    • The two have made Pebb's body both the battlefield and the prize
  • Very casual killer - possibly sociopathic
    • Emily have the Iron Will Background Option modifying an already incredibly high SD Stat. Her Sociopathic tendencies might not actually be "the inability to feel guilt". It might just be the sheer strength of her convictions, since sociopathic behavior are often similar to extreme conviction.
  • [Session 06<>07] Should the optional Vai Jai event come to pass, GM have commented that Emily is crazy enough to shove the Vai Jai concoction modified by Madame Medica down Pebb's throat. GM have also mentioned that Emily would sincerely, as sincere as a sociopath is capable of, beg Pebb for forgiveness and accept any punishment.
    • The Event has came to pass as Emily handed Pebb a mug of tea. Pebb holds no grudges but instead feels guilty that Emily had to take such extreme actions to take blame for something he would do himself anyways.
  • [Session 08] For whatever inexplicable reason Emily secretly put the Vai Jai extract she gotten from the Earthnode into Pebb's drink. The toxin overwhelmed Pebb's system and started its deadly process. Pebb's being had to adapt and mutate to nullify the poison of face obliteration. Luckily Pebb survived, partially thanks to the Sanctum of Tyr imbued within his Essence of Being. Emily threw herself at Pebb's feet and told him exactly what he did and that she did so because she believed Pebb needed the power it grants for the trials to come. Pebb is too kind to hold any ill will towards his friends and spent the time soothing away Emily's guilt rather than looking to ease his own suffering.
  • [Session 09] Emily is engaged in all out Possession War with Andromeda in regards to her behavior towards Pebb. It is only Pebb's weakened state that prevents the two from playing tug of war with Pebb.

Notable Items

Emily's Pothos' Crystal

Dorothy's Crystal is an Green Amythest, a crystal that can only be brought into existence with magic, mounted on a Mithril ring

The ring is significant, as it affirms the childhood promise Pebb made when he was 5 - when he promised to marry Emily when he grows up

[Session 08] Will be finished when Pebb head to Capital
[Session 09] It was finished and delivered

See item:pothoscrystals for description of powers


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