Evelyn Skylark
Theme Song: "Don't Cha"

Picture Of:
Archtype: Shadow Guardian1
Profession: Ranger
Realm of Power: Channeling

Evelyn is the poster child for contradictions. Her attitude is masculine but her actions are feminine. Her stance is strong but her emotions are frail. She gives looks of indifference but she is thoughtful. In many ways she represents all that is and isn’t woman.

  • Evelyn and Emily the "Silent" are best friends, united in their purpose in protecting Pebb
    • It is unknown what impact Emily's giving Vai Jai extract to Pebb have made on their friendship
    • Pebb have tried to prevent any rift from happening
  • She is the voice of reason in the pair.
  • While Emily is more personal and touchy feeling in regards to Pebb, Evelyn is more reserved and distant. She is stern but fair and while she lectured and guided Pebb when he was a child, as Pebb grow towards adulthood Evelyn have regulated herself to a supportive role as opposed to one of guidence.
  • Contrary to her strict governess like demeanor Evelyn is very much awed by Pebb. She sees herself as but an humble servant, one who is unworthy of her master. GM have commented that Evelyn is the only woman around Pebb would would refuse to give her hand in marraige. This is not because she does not want to marry Pebb, but because she cannot reconcile to the idea that she is worthy to become Pebb's [near] equal.
    • This means Evelyn quite possibly know of Pebb's Sovereign roots, but this implication is far from Certainty. She may very much be smitten by a combination of indoctrination, loyalty, friendship, and admiration - and not only because of Pebb's pedigree.
  • Evelyn is the one who presented Destiny to Pebb as his birthday gift.
  • [Unknown Session] GM made a comment in passing that Evelyn was almost killed by a Chaos experiment once, and it took all of Ravenshire to save her. It is quite possible that Evelyn may have Chaos Mutations.
  • [Session 08] Evelyn left shortly after Pebb wrestled control of the Earthnode from Andromada. Usually Evelyn would leave word on how and where to find her, but this time she simply vanished - leaving Emily to shadow Pebb alone. Pebb is wonders where Evelyn might have gone and if she needs any help, but he trusts Evelyn's judgement implicitly and thus not worried.
  • [Session 09] Evelyn have returned and Pebb just ran over her objection to what Emily did.
  • [Session 09] Evelyn told Pebb that she has some unique ability/skill that allows her to get more information in regards to certain things. That is why she went alone. Pebb did not inquire on what the subject matter of her investigation is. He trusts that Evelyn would tell him if it was necessary for him to know.

Notable Items

Evelyn's Pothos' Crystal

Evelyn's Pothos' Crystal is an dark green earth jade from the fabled Eastern provinces.

[Session 08] Will be finished when Pebb head to Capital
[Session 09] It was finished and delivered

See item:pothoscrystals for description of powers


  • None
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