Theme Song: "Money" & "Money (That's What I Want)

Picture Of: Jordana Brewster
Archtype: $.$ > Almost ALL!
Profession: Profession: The Professional [Administration/Trading]
Realm of Power: None

Comely Housekeeper turn Entrepreneur and a greedy moneygrabber with a good heart

  • Despite her ditsy mannerisms Jordana is shrude operator. She has exceptional talent in business matters. She is a true visionary and without any formal education already self-concieved the ideas of trademark, endorsement, and corporation.
  • She is supernaturally apt at making money. One of those types that can rub two pennies together and end the day with a dollar.
  • [Session 01] Random Comely Servant requested by Pebb in White Wall.
  • [Session 01] She was brought along by Pebb when he and Zuko went to seek out The Empire's Convoy bring White Wall Princess' betrothed. Since she was convienently present and happens to knows the area.
  • [Session 01] Jordanna was present during the adventure of the Atlantean Ship where Zuko acquired a Sword of Atlantis and Dorothy joined them. To protect Jordanna, Pebb made sure she is keenly aware of just how dangerous such knowledge can be. Jordanna seems sufficiently cowed and never spoke of it again.
  • [Session 02] Upon their return to Whitewall, Jordanna joined Pebb's "household" taking care of any administrative needs while Pebb and Zuko is busy with other affairs
  • [Session 02] Jordanna is the one who sold Zuko, the Hero of Whitewall, out as a marketing tool. She split the profit with Zuko and Pebb with her taking a finder's fee. Pebb convinced them to put invest the money in the guild as a charity trust - for a Soup Kitchen in Whitewall.
  • [Session 02] After arriving in the Capital to prepare for Pebb and Zuko's coming, Jordanna took the oppurtunity to give herself a promotion. She "assumed" the rank of "Lady Stewardess" and set out to use her talent to make some real money.
  • [Session 08] Jordana evidently have implemented many revolutionary economic concepts - concepts that is more common to a modern world than fedual society.
  • [Session 08] Jordana Industries™ is a thriving upper middle class outfit that employs over 100 low rank magic users in its manufacturing process. With her Stock Options and Profit Sharing she has set a dangerous precedence and has set up the necessary framework for low rank magic users to achieve monetary success with limited Upper Rank oversight. This development have thoroughly placed her in the crosshairs of the Players of the Great Game and it is only her connection to Pebb and Zuko that stayed the deadly consequence.
  • [Session 08] Zuko have made a serious impress upon Jordanna the deadly serious nature of her prediciment. Jordanna is not much more circumspect in her dealings. Zuko also arranged for Jordana to be granted Basic Guild Membership as additional layer of protection. Body guards were also arranged through the Law Offices of Moneymaker & Moneymaker to further insure nothing happens to her.
  • [Session 08>09] GM commented that Jordanna would be the only member of Pebb's ladies that won't die for Pebb. She would want to but her knees would buckle and she would freeze up - Kinda like Kaylee in Firefly.
  • [Session 09] Zuko have gave Pebb a quick overview of what Jordana been upto and that Jordana is now a member of the guild.
  • [Session 09] With the out of context conversation overheard by the entire senate, freshmen class, and attendents of the Open Ceremony Ball, everyone now believe that everything Jordana have been doing is by the wishes of this Enigmatic Bastard called Pebb. Until Pebb directly threatens anyone, Jordana has now become untouchable - for no one wish to make an enemy of one thus unique.

Notable Possessions

Jordana Industrie$™

A Business founded by Jordana

A fashion company that is slowly causing a stir in polite society by allowing the vulgar lower caste spell users to amass wealth.

  • While her fashions are all the rage amongst the middle and lower class, her stigmatization blocked her from the lucrative upper society.
  • Founded under Pebb of Ravenshire's Name and reinforced by Zuko's association with Sir Philip.
  • Jordanna has made herself "Lady Stewardess of his eminence's household, chief treasurer and keeper of the seal." Which gave her full control of finances in Pebb's absence. While her title is self-claimed she figures Pebb wouldn't care - or at least not care enough to inflict any serious consequence upon her.
  • The Foundlings (Magic Users with no Noble Backing) see Jordanna as the Goddess Wakeen in the flesh. She gave them an alternate route to wealth that is outside the control of the Noble Lineages. And for the same reason the Noble Families have regarded this development with mixture of caution and disgust.
    • The Lesser Nobles each wonder how they can use Jordanna Industries to catapult their families to Patriach status. Various backroom dealings, trickle of support, promise of alliances, secret investments, and other acts worth of the Great Game have kept Jordanna frayed and sleepless since the company's sublime initial reception.
    • The Patriarch Houses however see this development troubling. While they would like nothing better to crush this little upstart beneath their merciless heel, they cannot strike the dog without first considering the master. Some are panic stricken over the idea this unusual activity on the parts of Ravenshire is a sign of an upcoming Scourge.
  • While the less informed Patriarchs merely turn in their restless sleep believing that Jordanna Industries is nothing more than a front for the politically minded Ravenshirians - an opportunity that comes once in a life time.
    • Jordanna knowing Pebb's propensities have invested Pebb's income on various charity projects both in Coruscant and the General Republic.
      • Like all things connected to the Nobles, the peasantry's harsh lives move on as steadily as Lassander's travel during the day and Mistra's return at night. Recently however a new country noble called P.E.B.B., the Bastard have entered the city. Not satisfied with the wealth he gathered being partner of Jordanna Industries, he has started his political career by courting the populists. By pandering to the mob with his various Charities Pebb have attracted the attention of many. Though the Provincial is wise enough not to disgrace polite society with his lack of decorum, the half a dozen soup kitchens, half-way houses, orphanages, clinics, and hospices have earned some notice from those senators who are closer to the people.
  • [Session 08] Jordana Industrie$ is now officially a merchant member of The Guild.

Park Place

The wallpaper is peeling, the paintwork is scuffed and the spacious reception rooms are gilded, not in gold, but in dust. Park Place, a decaying country house set in 570 acres on the banks of Lake Henley-on-Thames, was sold, at a price that was practically robbery, to Jordana - who diligently remodeled it into her dream home.

The Property contains 30,000 square foot of living space and comes with the village of location:remenham.

  • Situated northwest of of Coruscant proper in the "countryside"
  • About a days ride by boat
  • The West Wing of the Main House is taken up by the Headquarters of Jordana Industrie$™
  • The rest of the Main House serves entertainment purposes, such as balls, dinner parties, and Guest lodging.
  • The Getaway Cabin is quaintly secluded from the main house by a row of well placed grand cedar trees. It is remodeled by Jordanna as the master's personal residence. It is complete with its own independent staff - personally governed by the Butler and Head Housemaid.
    • Jordana's office and bedroom is in the corner with the second best view in the residence.
  • One of the possible lodging destinations for Zuko/Pebb


  • None
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