Little Wing
Theme Song:

Picture Of: Deathwing from WoW
Realm of Power: Mentalism

An adult fire dragon and a citizen of Blackpool.

Note: Zuko never realized Little Wing is a female dragon and since she never came up in conversation Pebb have no idea Zuko can't tell the difference between male and female dragons. Thus Zuko continues on this belief.

Session History

  • [Session 03] Little Wing was traveling to Ravenshire when she smelled Ramiu's Scent on Pebb in the Forest Below. Her timely arrival saved Pebb and Zuko from a fight. Seeing that Zuko is a magic user of the same realm as her she went ahead and reorganized his mind. Correcting years of bad spell casting habits and deposited in his mind sufficient material so he can learn all his bard baselist as if he had a spell book to learn from.
  • [Session 03] Seeing Zuko is in some serious need of help she gave him a piece of her scale to help him focus his Essence (2x PP multiplie for Mentalism). The scale proved to be a life safer when Zuko and Pebb was trapped in the Chaos Twisted City below the Lake.
  • [Session 03] As finishing touch Little Wing also oraganized Zuko's thought patterns. Granting him a clearity of logic that is equal to +10 to RE bonus.

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