P.E.B.B., the Bastard
Theme Song: "Nature Boy" & "Lap Dance1"

Pebb is actually an initial. The full name is "Pacificus Exulto Benevolentia Beatus" loosely translates to "The Bringer of Blessing, Good Will and Peace."

  • 2010-05-21 17:21 - In light of "[Dark Disciple] Casting "animation"" I gave Pebb Soverign's Magical Language at 7/8. Since Latin is a Mundane Language and Pebb would have received magical education aprorpriate to his talents. David you should decide on what actual magic language Pebb would have had, if Soverign's Language is inapprorpriate (Discussion).
  • 2010-03-22 18:04 - Took out Andromeda's Bonuses in the Skill Section, Added the Wow: Will entry and incorporated it into Will Calculation (no ranks, just got the entry ready)
  • 2010-03-17 22:22 - Updated the Number of times Spells were Shapped

Character Concept

  • Personal Optimist2
  • "Possessed an Excess of Love"3
  • Firm Faith in Goodness of Men4
  • Personal Responsibility5
  • Steadfastness6
  • Avatar of Tyr7

Pebb's Unique Abilities

  • Can Dissolve Chaos
    • [Session 06<>07] GM have clearified that Pebb's Convert Chaos is just an Arcane Spell, and anyone who can use Arcane can cast it.
    • [Session 06<>07] Currently there are 2 Known Arcane Users: Pebb and Dorothy. Should Andromeda form the Arcane Link with Pebb then she too will have access to Pebb's Spells, though she herself will not be able to learn Arcane lists independently.
    • [Session 07] With the Arcane Link between Andromeda and Pebb established, now there are 3 known Arcane Users.
  • Can Shape Primal Essence directly into Spell Effects
    • [Session 05<>06] Pebb is the only one capable of Unrestricted Spell Shaping. There are few others who could Spell Shape, but they can only do so in limited manner. Limitations such as only capable shaping within their own Baselists. Only a rare few amongst those who can spell shape their baselists are those who can shape within their realm's open/close list. Pebb on the otherhand seems to be able to replicate any spell effect regardless of Realm, Profession or Spell Uniqueness. In a way it is almost like his magic ability is akin to the Wish Granting Spell List - "Mana Molding." (Except in a far less efficient manner).
    • Rule Referrence: Spell Shaping
    • Proposed Rule for Spell Shaping
      • Spell Shaping Requires a Sucessful Skill Roll with Penalty equal to the ESF Value
      • If the Spell Shaping Roll is successfully then the character looses only Time it took to cast the spell.
      • If the roll results in a negative, then the character loses the PP used to cast the spell. and is stunned 1 round for every -5.
      • Each time a spell is sucessfully casted it becomes 1% cheaper, to a max of 50% discount.
  • Trained by Legends
    • Pebb is also trained by a collection of beings who are each virtuosos of their field. Many of these are legends within their own life times. This impossible collection of talents all distilled without reservation their life's knowledge towards Pebb's education. As result Pebb is effectively beyond the standard tech level of the world. In almost all instances Pebb is allowed a fair leeway of "player knowledge." While this bonus does not translate directly into +xxx to the dice roll, the GM will take it into consideration whenever moderating the narrative.
    • Rule Referrence: Tech Level Specialization
  • Chosen of Tyr
    • Due to the encounter with Chaos and the Ring of Gods, Pebb have became the Chosen of Tyr. Thusfar no one, including Pebb, seems to be aware of this fact and its implications. Just what effect this has both spiritually or socially is unknown.
    • [Session 08 or 09] After the events of Tyr's Sanctum Pebb is now aware of his status as the Avatar of Tyr, though he might not be aware of its fully social/political/spiritual ramifications. However his knowledge of all things magic gives him a fair understanding of its magical implication.
    • Player have put forth the idea that since the Gods are being actively hunted by Soverign anyone with such an intimate link to Divinity would be of great value to them. So this opens up the idea that should their Divine Link be discovered the players might end up being hunted by Soverign as well.
  • Transcended Mortality
    • [Session 08] As Pebb lay unconscious on death's door, his spirit was drawn into the Tyr's Sanctum inside his own soul. It seems that he has taken upon aspects of a god's immortality. Death is now only a temporary state of being. It is unknown if Pebb will spontaneously reconstitute himself if his body is destroyed, or this limited immortality merely safe keeps his soul. It is a certainty that he no longer risk exposure to the Wall of the Faithless.
    • [Session 09] GM have confirmed that if Pebb is killed he will very traumatically learn how to piece himself together from sheer essence - like Dr. Manhattan.
  • Avatar of Tyr
    • The [literal] living embodiment of the Greater God of Justice on Earth
    • See "Avatar of Tyr" in character concept section for more details

Other Notable Abilities

  • Violator of the Inviolate Rule
    • Pebb has also travelled back in time violating the inviolate law set forth by the All Father, AO. During his brief sojourn in the Golden Age of Atlantis he assumed/merged with the identity of one of the most knowledgable beings of the period. It is unknown to what extend this event have affected his standing in the present. It is already proven that he can pass as Calidur to ancient security scanners and is quite possible he can use spells such as Intuition/Total Recall/Guess to dig up knowledge from his assumed identity.
    • [Session 09, Post Discussion] It seems that the mind melt is actually real. For Calidur remembers what occurred to him in the past. In fact Calidur have mind typed Pebb and has been searching for him ever since that event. He finally caught up to Pebb both in temporal and physical space in Traunstein and immediately sent 2 Type VI Demons to eliminate Pebb. Whether this is caused because of personal annoyance or he feels Pebb is some sort of threat is unknown at this point. Pebb now wears Alexander Jenumu's Amulet as a shield to Calidur's ever diligent search.
  • Wizard of Ancient Style
    • See rules:castinganimation for additional details
    • Perhaps it is because of Ramius' teachings, or perhaps it is something more innate, but Pebb cast spells similar to how Soverign does. Few if any outside of the Citidal has ever witness the true power of magic and fewer still lived to tell the tale. Thus the chances of random magic users identifying Pebb as Soverign is nonexistent. Being similar to Soverign, Pebb does not require any components to enact his will upon the world. He can simply force reality to conform to his will through thoughts alone. There is no invoking of Words of Power, nor elaborate gestures and contortions, nor even concoction of blood and arcane components - Pebb wills it and it becomes so.
    • Similarly Pebb's spell effects are along the lines of Sovereign. With luminscent lines that almost mimic circuitry and reality defining icons of ancient past interwoven through them. Unlike Sovereign whose effects are often forcefully disruptive and artificial (and mostly in straight lines and sharp edges), Pebb's spells are incredibly organic with smoothing patterns and natural curves.
    • For example, Sovereign's Teleport is a rotating Cube Frame with lines of power forming circuitry of runes that rotates; phasing the target to the destination.
    • Pebb's teleport would be a pulsating wave of energy (like plant growth in speed photography) that envelopes or develops into the target.
    • Similarly, a Soverign casting Chain Lightening might be jagged lances of energy beam that spears one target then splits to the next one.
    • Pebb's would be bolts of energy that flies away from him in smooth arcs, then fragement like plants growing offshoots, weaving through the air like the veins of a leaf and criss cross each target with deadly energy.
  • Vai Jai Transmutation
    • [Session 08] Emily took an incredible risk and fed Pebb the deadly Vai Jai plant extract. The matchless essence poison forced Pebb's body to evolve and respire - purify the poison into raw essence or be utterly consumed by it. Pebb managed to survive the ordeal but the transformation is not without its draw backs. His reformed mortal shell is now severely weakened and its use alien to him. It is as if he was reborn and must learn to control it afresh. However, his new ability to respire and transmute essence makes him a magical juggernaut. All aspect of his spells are doubled and his already awe inspiring ability to hold essence is raised to a new level.
    • Vai Jai Survival Bonus
      • Perfect Night Vision
      • +25 to Presence, Intuition and Empathy stat bonus.
      • Gains significant boost to his PP capacity
      • Archetype: Without a spell bonus item or with a PP adder, the PC normally has 2x normal Power Points. If he is using a PP multiplier, the bonus increases 1 level (x2 to x3, etc.).
      • Aura: PC gets one additional power point each level.
      • Double all aspects of his Spells
      • Scope Skills: Radii and "number of targets", are doubled.
      • Spatial Skill: Range factors of all PC's spells are doubled. "Touch" becomes 5'.
      • Temporal Skills: Duration of all PC's spells are doubled. Concentration spells not effected in any way.
      • Sub-conscious Discipline: Concentration spells continues after the caster ceases concentration for a period equal to the number of rounds he originally spent concentrating on the spell.
    • [Session 09?] I brought to David's attention that Pebb's spells now have double the normal number of targets. Since Mana Current has Mana Blade which is pretty much a melee lightning bolt does it mean Pebb can attack twice with it?
      • David ruled that it does.

Pebb's Profession

Due to Pebb's supernatural upbringing and his inherent talents his profession is a synergy of several professions - I call it the "Haxxor Class"

  • Pebb's Profession is the combination of his 3 developmental classes - Archmage, Scholar and No Profession. I took the lower of the costs of the 3 professions for each skill.
  • The level bonus is the higher of the 3 professions, plus a +3 to Directed Spell.
  • With Pebb's transformation into a Magical Superbeing I am going to shift his Profession to the Profession listed above.

Pebb's Spell Lists

Pebb's Baselists

Base Lists are purchased as "Base List" costs. There is no other advantage other than cost and chunk avalibility.

  • Animations to reflect Pebb's research into repairing Dorothy, Zuko's Assassin Bot, and Andromeda
    • It is the spell list relating to Creation of Constructs and Golems
  • Mind Healing and Arcane Healing is to reflect Pebb's natural focus towards helping others.
    • Mind Healing is especially relevant for Zuko's Assassin Bot
  • Righteous Wrath is just "Arms Way" by another name. It is to reflect Pebb's furthering cause as Champion of Justice
    • Since Pebb has secretly became the chosen of Tyr. I assume that link would grant some affinity towards this list. If not I'll replace it with something else.
  • Mana Current is just so Pebb can one up Azula
    • I am guessing Azula either has "Power: Mana Current" or "Power: Elemental Ways"
  • Analysis reflects Pebb's focus on discovery of the past.
  • Chaos Mastery is taken out and regulated to Individual Spell Development

Special Spell Lists

  • Andromeda's Lists Pebb have access to all of Andromeda's Spell Lists via the Arcane Link, and vice versa.
  • Arcane Link is to reflect Pebb's developing link with Andromeda
    • This spell list is a "unique" list reflecting Pebb's developing link with Andromeda. I just got lazy and used the existing Warrior Blade spell list to simulate the effect.
    • If allowed it will probably be limited to Andromeda's Partner and possibly as an Open Channeling List.
    • The Alternative "Arcane Link" would be "Chaotic Weapons" but I don't think Andromeda is as bad as the player think she is. Sorry David, the picture you picked for her does not fill the player with confidence in her "goodness."
    • After the new discussion regarding Andromeda with David, I moved Arcane Link out of the base list cateogry. It will just be an Unique List for Pebb, to represent the developing magical link between Pebb and Andromeda. Not sure the various requirement you would set forth for Upgrading Andromeda via the Spell List (Various Levels of Warrior Blades).
    • [Session 07] Andromeda and Pebb underwent the Joining. Thus Arcane Link will be a Unique List for Pebb to develop.
  • Hand of the Righteous (functionally the same as Jihad, Closed Channeling)

Other Lists of Interest (For Future Learning)

Pebb's Individual Spell Development

  • [Arcane] Level 5 - Convert Chaos - A: 1' Radius, D: C, R: 10' - This Arcane spell allows the caster to convert Chaos into pure unaligned primal essence. It effectively diminish the block of chaos by 1' in radius. The chaos continues to expand at a rate of 1' in radius per round, so basically this creates a stand off. This arcane version differs from Chaotic Lord's versions because it is a permanent solution. The Chaotic Lord spell only banish it from this world and return it to where it came.

Future Individual Spell Development

  • [Arcane] Level 12 - Chaos Isolation - A: Chaos, D: C, R: 10' - This spell allows the caster to stop the growth of the Chaos for 1 min/level as long as he maintains concentration.
  • [Arcane] Level 15 - Conversion Feedback - A: 1' Radius, D: C, R: 10' - This is similar to Convert Chaos, but the Essence created by the converted Chaos is cycled into fueling the spell matrix. This spell halts the growth of Chaos in addition to diminish chaos by 1' in radius, thus breaking the standstill problem of the previous spell.
  • [Channeling] Level 10 - Pebb's Anointment - A: 1 Target, D: Constant, R: Touch - This spells extracts a fragment of the target's soul and shapes it into a conduit between the target and Pebb. While it is nearly instant, it nonetheless requires a cooperating subject. The spell is not a permanent enchantment, instead it is a constantly maintained effect. Thus it is subjected to things such as power perception and cancel power. The target while under the influence of this Spell lower his maximum Energy Level by 1, the normal maximum is restored upon the ending of the spell but the missing energy level is regained via normal rules. During the casting of the spell Pebb choses a number of PP to commit to the bond, upto his skill rank in Channeling. Once cast the number is fixed, any adjustment would require a recasting of the spell. These PP remain inaccessible to Pebb for as long as the spell is maintained. At the same time the target gains these PP as additions to his own PP pool. However, these PP can be used to learn and cast Channeling Spells. It also effectively makes a non-magic user into a Semi-User of Channeling without granting any base spell lists.

Pebb's Harem

"As will be perceived from this letter, these two women understood how to mould themselves to the Bishop's ways with that special feminine genius which comprehends the man better than he comprehends himself. The Bishop of Digne, in spite of the gentle and candid air which never deserted him, sometimes did things that were grand, bold, and magnificent, without seeming to have even a suspicion of the fact. They trembled, but they let him alone. Sometimes Madame Magloire essayed a remonstrance in advance, but never at the time, nor afterwards. They never interfered with him by so much as a word or sign, in any action once entered upon. At certain moments, without his having occasion to mention it, when he was not even conscious of it himself in all probability, so perfect was his simplicity, they vaguely felt that he was acting as a bishop; then they were nothing more than two shadows in the house. They served him passively; and if obedience consisted in disappearing, they disappeared. They understood, with an admirable delicacy of instinct, that certain cares may be put under constraint. Thus, even when believing him to be in peril, they understood, I will not say his thought, but his nature, to such a degree that they no longer watched over him. They confided him to God."

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