R. Dorothy Wayneright
Theme Song: "Stronger, Faster, Harder, Better"

Picture Of: R. Dorothy Wayneright from "The Big O"
Archtype: "Yamato nadeshiko", "R. Dorothy Wayneright"
Profession: The Immaculate Atlantean Gynoid Super Maido
Realm of Power: Arcane

Unique Atlantean Maido Gynoid (the Bulgari Veyron of Atlantean Droids)


  • Dorothy is an Atlantean Gynoid that pre-dates The Exodus.
    • The Exodus is the Escape from the World of the First Age into the Current.
      • [Unconfirmed Player Speculation] The Exodus might not have been a singular event. It can very well be a general population shift possibly stretched over centuries as Chaos slowly absorbed everything.
  • She was found in a buried Atlantean ship outside of Whitewall and seems to have never been activated. The entire event is so improbable in all the buried Atlantean Gynoid Thighs in all the World, Pebb had to fall between hers."
  • Probably designed to be a playmate and companion for Atlantean Heirs. Dorothy is without doubt exceptional, dare we say singular, even by Atlantean Standards. With her impressive capability she most likely belonged to the Royal Household. Should this speculation be true it would mean that the buried ship she was found in was not an average ship, and would partially explain the vast number of inhuman remains found onboard.
  • One of the clear sign of her importance is that she is powered by Arcane Essence, nothing less potent is sufficient to sustain her.
  • Possibly Techno-organic and is created with a flair for perfect human beauty and subtle elegance.
  • Stronger, Faster, Harder, Better… (. .)'
  • Super Dense - though still able to swim by unknown means.
  • Dorothy is sterotypical expressionless Yuki type. While the layman would label her as expressionless - Pebb finds her she vividly theatrical. He could appear talking to himself when in reality he is having an two way conversation with Dorothy.
  • Dorothy is an incredible cook, able to make the most splendid meals from the most insufficient ingredients. It is highly probable that her cooking skills are enhanced by magic. She genuinely enjoys cooking, which is the main reason Pebb doesn't mind her doing it. She insists on personally preparing all of Pebb's food, and usually makes enough for everyone.
  • Pebb have struggled with the moral dilemma of whether accepting Dorothy's role as servant is akin to Slavery. The GM assured the player that Dorothy is not without Willpower. She actually has a very strong personality. She chose her role as Pebb's companion and is happy in her current situation. In fact, should Pebb sent her away she would be emotionally wrecked.
    • GM have made a comment in one of the discussions regarding Pebb's women's loyalties. He mentioned that if Pebb dies, Dorothy would not seek another master. Instead she would entomb herself with his body and initiates shut down sequences.
  • [Session 01] Dorothy's vocal system is capable of synthesize full range of sound to the level of THX or Dolbi 7.1. She can mimic even a theater production perfectly. Mimicing the voice of specific people is child's play.
  • [Session 01] Dorothy's senses are incredibly acute, though exact sensitivity is unknown, but thus far nothing seems to slip past her. It is probable that one of her duty is protector.
  • [Session 02] Her bare hands can harm things that are only damagable by Magical Weapons. (The Rare Blue Sable-gaiter at the Lake)
  • [Session 03] Pebb using Calidur's superior sage spells have memorized the entire Atlantean DROID Alamac and used it to enhance Dorothy's maintenance cycles. [Could be an explination why Pebb can develop "Animation" spell list.]
  • [Session 04] She however cannot harm vampires who are also only harmable by magical weapons.
    • [Session 06]: Changed by the GM. Since she is an magical construct her strikes are considered magical weapon attacks
    • [Session 04] During some of the discussion David mentioned that Dorothy is capable of learning and using spells of her realm. Which makes her a natural Arcane User and Hybrid of all 3 Realms of Power.
  • Pebb took the time to teach her Convert Chaos, considering he knows of no other Arcane Users and the more people that know this spell the better.
  • [Session 06] Completely made of an inorganic yet living material more durable than Eog (+45 Natural Magical Bonus). Not only does this makes her construction cost astronomical, it also makes her nigh indestructible even during her epoch.
  • [Session 06] She is shaped to be a idealized female form (barbie!) - icily flawless and breathtakingly stunning.
  • [Session 06] Several of her internal systems are damaged or missing1. It is unknown if she was never completed, her parts were stolen/salvaged by those on the ship, or they were destroyed by the passage of time.
  • [Session 06] Pebb took the time to regurgitate the Atlantean DROID Alamanc, containingly "Animation," for Mako to study, in the hopes that it will aid Dorothy and Zuko's benefactor in some way.
  • [Session 08] After Pebb recovered from the Vai Jai plant GM commented that Dorothy's when looking at Pebb now linger a split second longer.
  • [Session 08] Dorothy's power reserves have been fully charged, however the ambient lack of magic in the world keep her maximum output very low. Dorothy, however, no longer require daily infusion of magical energy to remain active. Not wanting to take any chances, Pebb keep to the established schedule of essence channeling.
  • [Session 09] Dorothy teleport shortly after Andromeda's arrival at Pebb's side. Those whe were visually oggling Andromeda broke their jaws on the floor drooling over Dorothy's perfect icy beauty.
  • [Session 09] Dorothy was present at the Battle of the Demons and chose not to participate.

Known Spells


  • Convert Chaos (see Pebb's Spells)

Notable Possessions

Dorothy's Satin Gloves

Worried that Dorothy's hands and feet might be harmed by her enormous strength, Pebb asked Mako to make some sort of protective equipment for her - since he was working on Zuko's armor anyways

character:mako was pleased to create an item for Dorothy if only for the chance to be next to a wonder of the forgotten realm. The equipment he made are his finest work.

These gloves appear to be a pair of simple white satin gloves fitted perfectly for Dorothy.

[Session 06] These gloves were delivered along with Zuko's gear

  • +10 to all rolls involving manual dexterity
  • The glove are indestructible and protects her hands as such. It is also wrinkle resistant, stain repelling, hypoallergenic, and machine washable.
  • Gloves raise all Martial Arts Sweep and Throw Attacks as 2 ranks higher. Rank 1 becomes Rank 3 and Rank 2 becomes Rank 4. Rank 3 gains +10 OB bonus, Rank 4 gains +20 OB.
  • These gloves also grants an A Impact critical on a Martial Arts Sweet/Throw Attack resulting in a critical of D or higher.

Dorothy's Slippers

Worried that Dorothy's hands and feet might be harmed by her enormous strength, Pebb asked Mako to make some sort of protective equipment for her - since he was working on Zuko's armor anyways.

These elegant heels are made to match the black and red dresses Dorothy seems to favor. They are stylish and designed in such a way to give a slight sway to Dorothy's gait.

[Session 06] These gloves were delivered along with Zuko's gear

  • +10 to all rolls involving balance and movement, including stalking attempts.
  • These shoes are indestructible and protects her feet as such. It also water tight and keeps the wearer's feet dry, cool and odorfree regardless of environment.
  • These shoes raise all martial art strike attacks by 2 ranks. Rank 1 becomes rank 3, and rank 3 becomes rank 4, rank 3 becomes +10, and rank 4 becomes +20.
  • These shoes also inflicts an A piercing critical on a Martial Arts Strike Attack resulting in a D critical or higher.

Dorothy's Pothos' Crystal

Dorothy's Crystal is an Adamant Topaz set in a Gold Locket

[Session 08] Will be finished when Pebb head to Capital
[Session 09] It was finished and delivered

See item:pothoscrystals for description of powers


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