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Theme Song: "If I were a Queen" & "Isn't She Lovely"

Picture Of:
Archtype: The Pure Unconditional Love1
Realm of Power: None

Rape Victim turned model, and said by the GM to be the highest appearance mortal among NPCs already made

  • Currently serving as the face of Jordana Industries™
  • [Session 01] Was rescued from rape by Pebb's timely arrival.
  • [Session 01] Her rapist was denounced by Pebb and hung for his many crimes
  • [Session 02] She and her family were reallocated to the Republic Capital by Pebb for fear of reprisal, since the magistrate might still have allies in Whitewall
  • [Session 02] She went with Jordana to the Republic Capital, while her family travelled with Sir Phillip's caravan
  • [Session 03] The most beautiful human NPC in the game so far [by GM's admission]
    • While Andromeda and Dorothy both have higher appearance bonuses, they are not human
  • [Session 04] GM Mentioned that she is the "face" of Jordana Industries™
  • [Session 07-08] There was no mention of this woman when Zuko was in Coruscant. She does not seem to be living/working at the Country Estate. GM Mentioned it was just an oversight. She is actually around.
  • [Session 09] She is a cause célèbre in Noble Circles and invited to all the right parties and introduced to all the right people. Her beauty and mysterious master made her a exotic animal to be shown off, wooed and petted at any gathering worth mentioning. The curse of her beauty has yet to repeat for no one wish to gain the wrath of the enigmatic backers of Jordana Industrie$.


  • None
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