The Founder
The Father of the Republic, P.E.B.B., the Bastard's Biological Father

Picture Of: August Caesar
Profession: Tarot Mage
Realm of Power: Essence and Channeling

  • P.E.B.B., the Bastard's father is member of Soverign's Ruling Class
  • Pebb's father is a Highman (which means his mother is Common man, Mix Man, or something other)
  • Pebb's father is Ramius Gandalf's bestest friend. Someone Gandalf is willing to/did die for.
    • The affections Ramius Gandalf feels for Pebb is in no small part due to his father
    • Pebb is accorded enormous leeway in Ravenshire because everyone owe their sanity and life to his father. In time they come to love Pebb as an individual but it all started from gratitude to his father. Everyone at Ravenshire gave their best to raise Pebb in place of his father. This is the major reason why Pebb never felt the need for paternal love - everyone loved him as than do their own children.
  • Pebb's father is the legendary figure who symbolized equality and freedom. He is a high man who died to save the world from slavery.
    • Pebb's father was leading the campaign against the Scourge buying time for Ramius Gandalf to convince Soverign that his way is the better way.
    • Pebb's father died in the climatic battle. At the end Soverign agreed to withhold the Scourge.
  • Pebb's father is the one who shaped the Republic into the state it is today.
    • Instead of accepting the title of Emperor he formed the Senate and established the new nation as a Republic

Pebb's father is a Tarot Mage
* "I choose you Blue-Eyes White Dragon"
* "Exodia the Forbidden One! Annihilate!"

  • Pebb's father has supernatural luck
    • He is often occused of cheating because things just turn out his way
    • "I seem to have luck with the dice. I can hardly touch them without winning."

Notable Items

Fate / Hollow Ataraxia

A tarot artifact of incredible power that is known either as "Deck of Fate" or "Hollow Ataraxia".

It contains within 22 legendary heroes of antiquity and can be used to summon them into service.

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