Rolemaster Rule System Changes

House Rules

  • Starting characters get full dice value for Body Development

Magic Use

  • Exhaustion penalties will be enforced
  • Spells now cost Exhaustion Points as oppose to Power Points
  • The three realms now represents specialties and not as differentiated sources of power
  • There exist only 2 sources of Power
    • The One Power - "Evil" lists cast with the One Power are at -25 Base Spell Attack
    • The "True" Power - "Good" lists cast with the "True" Power are at -25 Base Spell Attack
  • The ability to wield power cannot be forced. One simply has it or one does not. It is determined by Birth
    • Not everyone automatcally develop spells, the rare few develops it on their own - and this process is very dangerous and usually causes the death
    • Rest can be trained to use spells
  • Some have specializations, and within this specialization they can do enormous capacity
    • In game terms they can cast a specific (or specific set) of spells that are beyond their level
    • Such as James who can cast the single spell "Chaotic Lord Base - Serpent Strike" which is a level 25 spell at level 1

Skill Changes

  • Demon/Devil Lord - now deals with matters relating to the Shadowspawn. Darkhound, Trollocs, Myrddraal, and the various quarks and dangers of the Blight.
  • Dragon Lore - now deals specifically with the Karaethon Cycle (The Prophecies of the Dragon)
  • Fairy Lore - is the rarest lore of all, and it deals with independent supernatural forces. Things such as the Eelfinn, Aelfinn, and the Green Man
  • Two Weapon Combo is treated similar to Riding - it is the % of OB the character can use (Caps at 100%)
    • Cost equal to total cost of the 2 weapons
    • Total % includes level and rapid development bonuses

Skill Additions

  • Addition of the Skill "Human Perception": Social Skill, same cost as "Leadership", This is the ability to judge someone's inner character/nature, the ability to measure someone's capability. "Kallian took one look at the new recruit and dismissed him outright. 'This man is untrustworthy. He lacks discipline and is prone to anger. He will only destroy the unity of the party.'"
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