Civilis are the moderates of the Senate. They are the deal makers and the go between for the dynamically opposite Popularii and The Optimates. They are coalition makers and the most numerous in the Senator. For one can choose to be a Civilis and remain enemy to none, while any other faction would curse you with deadly rivals.

Civilis's main goal is to extend the scope and influence of the Republic. They are often the allies of Solitudos since they wish for the aid of their military influence. The Civilis' current focus is an focused effort to catch up to the Empire in measurement of magical power. To that end they have invested heavily on various program aimed at discovering the means to do so. Many research academies have been granted to talented mages in their attempt to find the magic solution.

Civilis are the builders of the republic and is constantly designing and scheming one expansion or another to support the ever growing population of the Republic. Their believe that knowledge is the ultimate power and are heavily invested in the education system of the Republic.

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