No faction is as hated as the Nundinae in the senate, for these are the novi homines. It is a slightly offensive term that denotes people who are the first in their family to serve in the Senate. While Nundinae's goals often can be used to further Popularii's plans the two factions share a coolness whose roots lie in Nundinae's common origins.

Most Nundinaes familes are the results of foundlings marrying foundlings. These weak bloodlines are barely acceptable into the ranks of nobility and is universally shunned, socially and politically, by those of superior station. To the General Nobility the Nundinae are akin to a plague and is the root of everything that is wrong with the current state of things. Ivory cannot be produced from swine and any "noble" cultivated from such vulgar soil must be flawed indeed.

This is not to say that all Nundinaes are common. In fact, the Nundinaes includes are several families of enormous history. These are the loyal supporters of The Founder, whom remained steadfast to the Founder's vision when the less devout split to form the Popularii. These nobles represents the exception rather than the rule however. The influence of the Nudinae with in the senate is laughable with other factions sometimes disagreeing just for the sake of spurning the upstarts. Over the years the Nundinaes have mastered the art of maneuvering members of the other faction into asking what they want and then throw Nundinae support behind them.

The Nundinaes themselves are a mixed lot. Some Nundinaes remember the harshness of their previous stations and actively struggle for the betterment of their fellows. While others could not sever the ties fast enough. As different as they are the Nundinaes are united by their common ostracization for they would find neither tolerance nor support from any other faction.

Barred from the society of their betters and unable to achieve superior privilege they follow the one recourse they do have - wealth; which only makes them even more vulgar to the upper crust. They will never match their "betters" in prestige but they can at least attempt to match them in lifestyle.

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