If the senate is a prom then the Popularii is the Prom King. This is the newest faction and the shinning beacon of hope for Republic - or so they market themselves. Formed shortly after the death of Pebb's Progenitor, these war heroes used their achievements to seize the power void. They soon became the defacto inheritor of his legacy and proceeded to present themselves as the fulfill-er of his dream. A ploy that is expertly played upon and ate up in whole by the gullible masses.

The Popularii have became the darling of the Republic using their infamous motto of "Bread and Circuses" to lull the public into mindless supporters that follow their every deceleration. If a Popularii declares someone as corrupt then that man obviously is. And thus the Popularii wield the impressionable masses like a surgeon. More than one rival have had to earn a bad name by bloody suppression of a revolt and some of those of less talent have even lost their lives.

While the powerful scoff at Popularii threats the weak cower in their shadow. Popularii are ruthless and charismatic - a dangerous combination. However, this is not to say they are evil people. Popularii as a group seeks to advance their personal agenda, and many requires the republic to be powerful and thriving. Where the Optimes believes in Trickle down, the Popularii practice it. They pass popular laws and enforce social welfare. While they do not do this for the good of the populace, the impacts are no less positive for it.

Notable Members

Atia Balba Caesonia
Atia Balba Caesonia
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