The Solitudos are the prophets of doom. They incecently lobby for the formation of a stronger military, for heavier fortifications, with the ultimate goal of defeating the Scourge. They are infuriated at the Senate for acting as if the threat is over. In many ways Solitudos are the true social movers of society. Their goal is to strength the Republic from with in and seek ally with out.

Solitudos mainly consists of the truly powerful Senators - their wisdom combined with ability makes this faction deadly.

The Senate in general, however, find the constant doom prophecies of the Solitudos droning. While they commanded considerable power in the periods shortly after the war, the fact that the Republic have had no inkling of major invasion for the last 13 years and the fact they won the battle of [insert name here]1 only serves to make the Solitudos ridiculous.

Solitudos' one saving grace however is their enormous military power. They ruthlessly support and recruit any military talent of note and over the years have became more commonly known as the Imperator Faction.

Notable Members

John Sulpicius McCacius III
John Sulpicius McCacius III
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