Angelic Ranking

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Angels are what the layman calls the Aasimon. Aasimons are celestial beings that serves the Deities of the upper realms. They can be of any alignment - usually matching that of their master/mistress.

  • Contrary to popular belief most angels do not posses wings nor halos. See "Typical" Above
  • Some are not even humanoid in appearance
  • Unlike Demons Angels are always beautiful, inspiring, maybe even terrifying, but they are never grotesque or revolting in appearance
  • While Angels are classified by their power/function into the following ranks, they are each unique beings and are not a "race" per say.

From Lowest to the Highest Rank

  • Agathinon
  • Astral Deva
  • Light
  • Monadic Archon
    • Lantern Archon
    • Hound Archon
    • Warden Archon
    • Sword Archon
  • Movanic Archon
    • Trumpet Archon
    • Throne Archon
    • Word (Tome) Archon
  • Planetar
    • Hammer Planetar
    • Justice Planetar
    • Justice Planetar Champion
    • Owl Planetar
    • Sibyllic Guardian
  • Solar
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