Park Place

The wallpaper is peeling, the paintwork is scuffed and the spacious reception rooms are gilded, not in gold, but in dust. Park Place, a decaying country house set in 570 acres on the banks of Lake Henley-on-Thames, was sold, at a price that was practically robbery, to Jordana - who diligently remodeled it into her dream home.

The Property contains 30,000 square foot of living space and comes with the village of location:remenham.

  • Situated northwest of of Coruscant proper in the "countryside"
  • About a days ride by boat
  • The West Wing of the Main House is taken up by the Headquarters of Jordana Industrie$™
  • The rest of the Main House serves entertainment purposes, such as balls, dinner parties, and Guest lodging.
  • The Getaway Cabin is quaintly secluded from the main house by a row of well placed grand cedar trees. It is remodeled by Jordanna as the master's personal residence. It is complete with its own independent staff - personally governed by the Butler and Head Housemaid.
    • Jordana's office and bedroom is in the corner with the second best view in the residence.
  • One of the possible lodging destinations for Zuko/Pebb
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