Jordana Industrie$™

A Business founded by Jordana

A fashion company that is slowly causing a stir in polite society by allowing the vulgar lower caste spell users to amass wealth.

  • While her fashions are all the rage amongst the middle and lower class, her stigmatization blocked her from the lucrative upper society.
  • Founded under Pebb of Ravenshire's Name and reinforced by Zuko's association with Sir Philip.
  • Jordanna has made herself "Lady Stewardess of his eminence's household, chief treasurer and keeper of the seal." Which gave her full control of finances in Pebb's absence. While her title is self-claimed she figures Pebb wouldn't care - or at least not care enough to inflict any serious consequence upon her.
  • The Foundlings (Magic Users with no Noble Backing) see Jordanna as the Goddess Wakeen in the flesh. She gave them an alternate route to wealth that is outside the control of the Noble Lineages. And for the same reason the Noble Families have regarded this development with mixture of caution and disgust.
    • The Lesser Nobles each wonder how they can use Jordanna Industries to catapult their families to Patriach status. Various backroom dealings, trickle of support, promise of alliances, secret investments, and other acts worth of the Great Game have kept Jordanna frayed and sleepless since the company's sublime initial reception.
    • The Patriarch Houses however see this development troubling. While they would like nothing better to crush this little upstart beneath their merciless heel, they cannot strike the dog without first considering the master. Some are panic stricken over the idea this unusual activity on the parts of Ravenshire is a sign of an upcoming Scourge.
  • While the less informed Patriarchs merely turn in their restless sleep believing that Jordanna Industries is nothing more than a front for the politically minded Ravenshirians - an opportunity that comes once in a life time.
    • Jordanna knowing Pebb's propensities have invested Pebb's income on various charity projects both in Coruscant and the General Republic.
      • Like all things connected to the Nobles, the peasantry's harsh lives move on as steadily as Lassander's travel during the day and Mistra's return at night. Recently however a new country noble called P.E.B.B., the Bastard have entered the city. Not satisfied with the wealth he gathered being partner of Jordanna Industries, he has started his political career by courting the populists. By pandering to the mob with his various Charities Pebb have attracted the attention of many. Though the Provincial is wise enough not to disgrace polite society with his lack of decorum, the half a dozen soup kitchens, half-way houses, orphanages, clinics, and hospices have earned some notice from those senators who are closer to the people.
  • [Session 08] Jordana Industrie$ is now officially a merchant member of The Guild.
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